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Our Mission

Log Hauling & Wood Transport Services

At Valley Carriers, our mission is to achieve a competitive advantage and a high measure of profitability, while maintaining our standards in high-quality, efficient, and environmentally sound logging practices. In order to do this, we first have to ensure that our workers are provided with the highest level of safe working conditions. This will help reduce the occurrence of time loss, as well as maintain SAFE certification with the BC Forest Safety Council. We also aim to ensure a high degree of compliance with the British Columbia Forest and Range Practices Act, Forest Practices Code, and other environmental regulations.

Why Choose Valley Carriers

Through maintaining positive labour relations with management, we are able to foster high employee moral. Doing so, not only keeps our employees happy but it also allows our employees to keep our customers happy. Choosing our Valley Carriers for Log Hauling and wood transportation services means choosing a company that adheres to the highest levels of safety and has employees that are happy to work hard for our customers.

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If you have any questions about our Valley Log Hauling services, please contact our interior office in Merritt, BC at 1-250-315-9814